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Crest Microbeads: What You Need Know

Crest will be removing microbeads from its products after dental hygienist have found that products containing the abrasive beads can actually be harmful to teeth and gums.  Crest has stated on its blog that it will begin phasing out the microbeads from its products while maintaining the product is “completely … Read More

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Funny Dental Videos

While we take our chosen profession very seriously we aren’t afraid to have a laugh every once and awhile. Here are some funny videos featuring dentists that found on the world wide web. Some are from days of yesteryear while others are more modern. So without further ado enjoy these … Read More

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3D Imaging in Dentistry, One of the Coolest New Developments in Oral Care

3D imaging is radically changing the way dentists approach your oral health. Also known as cone beam imaging, this relatively new technology in the dental world is changing the way we collect information. We’re re-imagining the way in which we diagnose and provide treatment options like never before. Imagine the … Read More

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Finding the Perfect ‘Dentist near Me’

One of the easiest ways you can find something today is by searching online. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing help users to connect to the best possible result for any given search term. One of the most popular search terms for any service is “_____ near me.” A … Read More

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Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

Your local dentist is diagnosing sleep apnea, a disorder that affects millions of Americans and can prove potentially life-threatening in many cases. The majority of those suffering from the disorder are not currently receiving treatment – some individuals don’t even realize they’re affected. Sleep apnea occurs as tissue located near the … Read More

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BUILD! Toy Brick Art Exhibition at Heard Museum

Looking for something to do with the whole family this weekend? Well now through the end of September, the Heard Museum in Downtown Phoenix is hosting a fascinating exhibition called BUILD! which focuses on art created or inspired by the classic children’s toy LEGO. While the Heard Museum is usually a specifically … Read More

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