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Funny Dental Videos

While we take our chosen profession very seriously we aren’t afraid to have a laugh every once and awhile. Here are some funny videos featuring dentists that found on the world wide web. Some are from days of yesteryear while others are more modern. So without further ado enjoy these funny dental videos.

David after the Dentist

One of the most well-known viral videos is David after the Dentist. When a young man is recovering from some simple dental surgery the anesthesia does a number on his cognitive functions. David went on to appear on multiple talk shows including Tosh.O, The Today Show, and The O’Reilly Factor.

Bill Cosby on Dentists

Bill Cosby is one of most revered and beloved comedians of all time. Never going for the easy joke or resorting to gross out humor here is Bill Cosby’s comical view on sitting in the dentist’s chair.


Before becoming a household name as Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston had a bit part on small sitcom in the 1990’s. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Seinfeld. In one of the more memorable episodes Cranston plays a dentist who recently converted to Judaism,  Jerry is accused of being an anti-dentite and hilarity ensues.

Songs of the Dentist

Whose Line is It Anyway introduced America to the art of improvisational comedy. In this clip, Wayne Brady and crew create hilarious tunes based on our oral profession.

Mr. Bean Goes to the Dentist

We close with one of the U.K’s favorite comedians. Watch as Mr. Bean visits the dentist.

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