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Christmas Animals for the Holiday Season

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so we thought we’d treat you to these adorable little pals for some holiday cheer. We’ve got them smiling because animals need to keep their teeth healthy too! Here are the best Christmas animals from 2013. Dogs Enjoy Getting Presents Too I wonder what’s in the … Read More

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Simple Stocking Stuffers for a Happy Holiday

Are you still in the market for some awesome stocking stuffers this holiday season? You can balance out the sugary sweets with any number of these great gifts, sure to keep them smiling all year long and keep their oral hygiene in check. An electric toothbrush can dramatically upgrade their … Read More

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Best Dental Products for Kids

Aside from regular checkups, taking exceptional care of your children’s oral health requires the best dental products. Here are five cool oral products just for kids – products that introduce some fun – dare we say it – to an otherwise monotonous routine. Firefly Light-Up Timer Toothbrush The Firefly Light-Up … Read More

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Effect of Grillz on Teeth

If you have been paying close attention to pop culture the past couple of years you’ve probably seen metal, gold and silver dentures donned by the biggest celebrities. Everyone from Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus has displayed the new fashion trend; grills. “Grillz” are decorative covers adorned with crystals that … Read More

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Dentists Bike across the Country for Charity

Dr. Greg Duffner got hooked on long-distance bike riding as soon as he graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Dentistry in 1985 after a twenty-day trip from Florida to Chicago. Not only does he ride 13.5 miles to work every day (rain or shine), Dr. Duffner … Read More

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How to Relieve Teething Pain for Your Baby

Baby teeth are a special mark of your child’s development. Despite this exciting time it can prove to be a painful transition for your baby. If you need help easing the pain associated with teething, try any number of these home remedies. Relief is possible for both of you. The … Read More

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Harmful Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth can seem like a pretty easy task. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are simple enough, right? There are some things we do every day, however, that may be causing more damage to your chompers than you even realize. We’ve taken some of the most common daily … Read More

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DC Dental’s 2013 Turkey Giveaway

We at DC Dental appreciate and care for our community, that’s why we have continued our tradition of gifting turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday to some of our wonderful patients who could use a helping hand. Below are pictures of some of our recipients from different locations. Please visit our … Read More

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What To Do With a Chipped Tooth

Teeth are incredibly strong, but they can crack, chip or break in several ways. This can happen from biting down of something hard, being struck in the face or mouth, falling down or having cavities that weaken the tooth. A broken tooth can be both unsightly and painful as nerves … Read More

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The History of Teeth Whitening

Having white teeth in today’s society is definitely a must-do; by our current standards, stained and yellow teeth are often frowned upon. From celebrities to professional athletes, it seems as though that everyone is whitening their teeth, and while most people would think that the act of teeth whitening has … Read More

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