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Custom Mouthguards for Little Athletes

Are you the parent nail-biting on the sidelines that your child doesn’t trip and break his teeth instead of cheering? If you’re concerned about your son or daughter knocking his or her teeth out, then you should consider athletic mouth guards. These devices are plastic dental forms that are worn over the teeth during physical activities. 

custom mouthguards

Mouth guards, although they may look silly, can protect teeth from trauma such as getting hit in the head, falling, or any other sort of collision that could damage the teeth. Even if the tooth fairy hasn’t made a visit yet, it’s important that you protect baby teeth. Mouth guards also protect the gums, lips, tongue and jaw from excessive harm.

The way it works, is the plastic absorbs and distributes the forces of impact so that it there is minimal pain and damage to the athlete. Trauma to the mouth could result in lifelong problems, and can sometimes result in a speech impediment or cosmetic deflects.

Examples of Sports Which Could Severely Damage Teeth:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Skateboarding
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling

There are many other types, of course; as some dentists recommend mouth guards even for sports like baseball or softball.

When you’re looking to get a mouth guard, there are many choices and price points, depending on your situation. The first type is the “stock” guard which is usually under 10 dollars, and sold at most sporting goods stores and even generic retailers. These can be effective, but they are also susceptible to wiggling around or an uncomfortable fit, seeing as all mouths are not created equal.

The second option is the “boil and bite” guard which can be found at sporting goods stores, and run about $20-$50. These are heated up at home and then bitten on to create a more comfortable, feel, than the stock guard.

The third is a custom mouth guard, which is professionally done by your local dentist or kid’s dentist. These devices are made by taking a full impression and then developing it in a lab. If your son or daughter is active, this is likely your best bet, as they can get the most comfortable fit.


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