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Stopping Dental Anxiety in Its Tracks

There are plenty of ways to scare kids – enforcing an earlier bedtime, telling them to get ready for church, preparing an experimental meatloaf – we just don’t think scheduling a visit with the dentist should be added to that shortlist.

dental anxiety

Is it possible your child suffers from dental anxiety? It’s a very real condition that affects far more than children. Anywhere from 1/7 patients will experience some form of anxiety prior to their scheduled procedure, mild to severe.

Children aren’t always ready to manage their way out of dental anxiety, they need all the help they can get from parents and their care providers. Finding resolution to dental anxiety is a process that starts at home in communicating with your child.

Talking with your child about their fear of the dentist is the first step, something that needs to happen well before the procedure. You’ll hopefully get some very direct answers, but if not, it helps to understand why most people fear the dentist.

The most common theme for dental anxiety seems to be a universal fear of the unknown – for kids, it’s kind of like that spooky closet after they shut out the light. A study conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation revealed that as much as 36 percent of patients who didn’t regularly receive treatment feared the dentist.

It’s probably safe to assume many of these patients are afraid to receive treatment due to ambiguity relating to how much treatment they may require and to what extent. It’s an unpleasant thought thinking about how invasive a procedure may be, especially procedures you’ve never experienced before.

Our skilled dental team can help ease your child’s fears during the appointment. We’ll outline the procedure and help them learn about the special dental instruments, leaving nothing to their imagination. We truly care about providing an easy and welcoming dental environment for your child.

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