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Hilarious Animals

Why are animals so hilarious? Perhaps the best comedy is the result of never intending to be humorous in the first place. You don’t see many dogs doing standup comedy, and yet they’re some of the most hilarious individuals around.

Animal lovers take serious joy from the laughs these special friends provide. From cats who were just a little too curious, to dogs who aren’t the sharpest crayon in the box, these are some of our favorite hilarious animals.

The Ultimate Cat Compilationfunny animal videos

It’s been said there’s two types of people in the world, cat and dog people. Those who fall into the former category realize how hilarious their feline friends can be on a regular basis.

As the above compilation sets out to prove, cats are responsible for some of the greatest physical comedy in the world. Unintentionally wearing plastic bags, severely misjudging the distant from countertop to table – these furballs are a real piece of work.

Still, you almost have to give it to cats; despite their epic fails, they somehow always end up on their feet.

The Legendary Dog Compilation

What is it about dogs that makes them so funny to us? Perhaps it’s because they so closely model their owners behavior, or perhaps it’s they’re willing to indulge the sadistic behavior of being dressed up as the tooth fairy.

Whatever it is, dogs are the type of faithful companions that never let you down. From making a sour face when introduced to a lemon, to synchronizing workout activities with their master, dogs truly know how to make us laugh.

Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile

Do you have a beloved cat, dog or another animal? Don’t forget to help them maintain a healthy smile! Take care of them inside and out and they’re sure to keep serving up the laughs.

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