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Visit: Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Open House

On November 21 and 22, from 10am until 3pm, the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center (2800 W. Pinnacle Peak, Phoenix) will be available to the public for an open house. During this open house, visitors can walk around the center and discover all they have to offer. Educational presentations will also … Read More

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Hilarious Animals

Why are animals so hilarious? Perhaps the best comedy is the result of never intending to be humorous in the first place. You don’t see many dogs doing standup comedy, and yet they’re some of the most hilarious individuals around. Animal lovers take serious joy from the laughs these special … Read More

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Five Examples of Interesting Animal Teeth

In the animal kingdom there are hundreds of different species with some of the most interesting chompers around. From creatures that use their teeth to devour prey to species with filament thin-teeth; here are five of the most ferocious, innovative, and bizarre sets of animal teeth in the world. Babirusa … Read More

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