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Visit: Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center Open House

On November 21 and 22, from 10am until 3pm, the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center (2800 W. Pinnacle Peak, Phoenix) will be available to the public for an open house. During this open house, visitors can walk around the center and discover all they have to offer. Educational presentations will also be given to teach participants all about the center, Arizona wildlife, and tips on helping wildlife thrive. The best part of this open house is the opportunity to visit all of the animals that live in the center. There will also be various activities for children and adults alike to enjoy. Most beneficial, the open house is completely free!

arizona desertThe Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center is a rescue center for Arizona wildlife that have been caught up in natural disasters, or otherwise in danger. The center takes in wildlife that have been found by the public and are in need of some rehabilitating. They are run by volunteers. Their main pride point, besides the wonderful work in general, is that they return 70% of the animals back into the wild successfully. Because the center is run by volunteers, it is important to receive volunteer help whenever possible. Anyone interested can sign up to volunteer or send donations on via their website.

This is the only time the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center is open to the public, so the open house proves to be a fantastic opportunity.

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