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The Fiesta Bowl is Almost Here

On January 1st, 2016, the 45th Annual BattleFrog Fiesta Bowl hits Phoenix. The spectacular showdown between Notre Dame and Ohio State will take place at the University of Phoenix Stadium. BattleFrog is the official sponsor of this year’s Fiesta Bowl, hence the name. The Fiesta Bowl started in 1971 and … Read More

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Custom Mouthguards for Little Athletes

Are you the parent nail-biting on the sidelines that your child doesn’t trip and break his teeth instead of cheering? If you’re concerned about your son or daughter knocking his or her teeth out, then you should consider athletic mouth guards. These devices are plastic dental forms that are worn … Read More

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Tony Gwynn and Oral Cancer: Baseball’s Dirty Habit

You don’t have to be a doctor to know that smoking is bad for you, and that chewing tobacco can be even worse.  The toxic substance is still making headlines though, in the most unfortunate of ways, as the story of Tony Gwynn goes. While new measure in 2011 prevented players … Read More

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