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The Affordable Dentist Phoenix Chooses for Dental Sealants

Have you ever wondered why DC Dental is the affordable dentist Phoenix trusts for their sealants? No, it’s not simply a matter of competitive pricing – it’s an otherworldly level of customer care. healthy kids and healthy teeth

Many people don’t understand the benefits of preventative dentistry, they think procedures are only needed to correct problems that already exist. Your dentist can accomplish a lot more in regards to oral health, nowadays. It’s time to get to know the preventative power of dental sealants.

What’s a dental sealant? It’s a clear and protective coating – a plastic resin material – that is applied to your teeth, specifically to cover its biting surfaces. This sealant will protect the tooth from decay and subsequent cavities, creating a powerful shield against bacteria and accumulated plaque.

The most common usage of sealants is actually among children – permanent teeth in your child’s mouth are especially prone to cavities. If you’re wondering whether sealants might be right for your child, it’s best to consult with your dentist first. We can outline a great blueprint for better oral health together!

How does the sealant process work? It’s about the same as you might experience when receiving a dental filling, although most patients report it’s even less noticeable. By all means, this is an opportunity to kick up your feet and relax in the dental chair.

Your dentist will begin by applying the special plastic resin material over the surface area of the teeth. After this is done, they’ll use a special curing light in order to activate the material. As the material hardens, it creates a protective surface over the biting area of the tooth. That’s it!

Following the procedure, your dentist will ensure the sealants do not interfere with your existing bite. If your bite is compromised in any way, your dentist will readjust the sealant during that same visit. Further adjustments can be made in future appointments as necessary.

Remember: a dental sealant is not a guarantee that cavities won’t come around – maintain your typical brushing routine!

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