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Why Kids Make Us Smile

There really isn’t much that can put you in a good mood faster than seeing huge smiles painted on the faces of children. Although DC Dental offers dental services to the whole family, helping kids create healthy smiles that last a lifetime is a major part of what we do.

Kids always bring a smile to our faces because they’re just plain funny! As most people who’ve spent any time with a baby can attest to, it really doesn’t take much to amuse them. One of our favorite videos to recently hit the web stars 8-month-old Micah, the littlest paper shredder. Micah happens to think tearing paper in pieces is nothing short of hysterical – and why not? That laughter is downright infectious.

Kids make us smile because they’re surprisingly generous. Recently a 9-year-old boy named Hector Montoya grabbed national headlines thanks to his charitable spirit. Inspired by a local tragedy, Hector felt compelled to take action. Hector, who had diligently saved for months on end to afford a Playstation 4 – the most popular gaming system on the market – instead  spent that money to purchase smoke detectors for families in need. Way to go, Hector!

Why else do we love kids? There’s a kid in all of us that never grows up! Although life can change dramatically as we get older, that inner-child of ours is just poised and waiting to get out. Whether it’s happily making a mess in the kitchen, indulging with one of our favorite animated movies or eating a big bowl of ice cream – that part of us always remains the same.

DC Dental takes immense pride in catering to our younger patients, helping them foster excellent oral hygiene habits for beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Let’s get your child on the right track, give us a call today!

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