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Five Video Games for Kids

With the hot summer sun on its way in Arizona there may be a couple of days that are too hot for the little ones to go outside. Many people say that video games can rot the brain but there are actually some very fun, educational games that the whole family can enjoy.

Frozen Double Trouble

Still from Disney's Frozen

The Academy Award winning Disney movie has been turned into a free video game on the Disney Channel’s website. The game is simple and can be enjoyed by children ages 3 and up. This game can be played on laptops, desktops and tablets.

Free Rider 3

Here is a fun online video game provided by Nickelodeon in which a player controls a BMX biker while they navigate through jumps and loops. Players can also design their own tracks to have a truly unique gaming experience. Recommended for children 5 and up.

Power Rangers Megaforce: Never Surrender


The Power Rangers have been a staple of children’s television for nearly a decade. This video game from Nickelodeon has a little bit of comic violence so it might not be great for very young children but for kids over the age of 8 it should be just fine.

Get Moving Family Fitness

You might not be able to head to the playground but Get Moving will make sure you get some exercise in the hot summer months with 18 fun sports games that incorporate the Wii remote, nun chuck and balance board.  There is also multiplayer mode so the kids won’t be fighting over whose turn it is to join in the fun.

Viva Pinata!


This game was released nearly a decade ago but still packs tons of family fun. The concept is quite simple; you are a piñata farmer and must keep your piñatas healthy as you grow your farm. Viva piñata is available for Xbox and PC. You can find Viva Pinata used online for about $10.00

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