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How you know you’ve lived in Phoenix for a while

wallace & ladmoPhoenix has long been known as a city of immigrants, both from other US cities and from other parts of the world. But, there are many natives here, and over the past few years, it has developed its own history and folklore. If you’ve been here a while, you’ve become acclimated, not only to the weather, but to life as a Phoenician. Here’s how you know you’re officially a Phoenician:

  • You’ve said the phrase, “yeah, but it’s a dry heat” more than any other phrase in the English language.
  • You know which sports venue used to be called the BOB.
  • You know where Patriot’s Park was.
  • You remember when the Suns played in the NBA finals.
  • (even further back) You remember when the Phoenix Suns played in Veterans Coliseum (The Mad House on McDowell).
  • You remember the first time the Super Bowl came to Arizona (before the new stadium was built).
  • You know what the word “haboob” means, and have experienced the destructive power of one.
  • You consider any temperature below 60 degrees “cold.”
  • You were there when Civic Space Park opened with “The Jellyfish” in the sky above it.
  • You know which Circle K is the “Bill and Ted” Circle K (for extra credit, you also know which mall and waterpark).
  • You know the location of, and have considered breaking into the underground bowling alley.
  • You’ve seen the Phoenix Lights on Youtube, or, if you’ve been here a really long time, you saw them in the sky.
  • You remember Wallace and Ladmo.
  • You know which Marilyn Monroe movie was filmed in Phoenix and have found the scene with the Westward Ho in the backdrop.
  • You remember when the rule was, “you just don’t go downtown.”
  • You know to avoid driving in the rain, even if it’s a light rain, BUT when it does rain, you go outside to watch it.
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