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Interested in a Career in Dentistry?

Have you dreamed about a career in which you work directly with adults and children in maintaining their oral health? Pursuing a career in dentistry has many rewarding aspects.  Also, since we have offices throughout the greater Phoenix area, your position could be close to your home, whether you’re in … Read More

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How Technology has Changed Dentistry

Over the past couple hundred years, several advances have taken place in the world of dentistry that has made dental procedures much safer and more effective for patients. These days, dentists are better equipped to examine your teeth and gums, detect dental issues and perform cosmetic or restorative procedures while … Read More

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Dentistry through the 20th Century

Modern dentistry, like modern medicine in general, has come a long way in the past 115 years. Some procedures that we take for granted nowadays had not been thought of in the year 1900. Here’s a glimpse at how the world of dentistry changed in the 20th century. There were … Read More

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