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How Seeing a Root Canal Specialist Can Change Your Life

root canal specialistWhen a dentist or root canal specialist advises you to get a root canal, it is usually no laughing matter — root canals are serious business! Nowadays a root canal is one of the most common procedures, with over 14 million performed every year.

There are many myths about root canals such as “root canals are painful,” and “a root canal can cause illness.” Not only have we put those myths to rest, we decided to inform our patients how seeing a root canal specialist can actually change your life!

An infected tooth abscess can spread — If you decide to leave an infected root canal untreated, there’s a high chance the infection can spread not only to other teeth, but also to areas in the face, neck, and head.

Seeing a root canal specialist can prevent a heart attack — According to Dr. Gerry Curatola, root canal therapy can “prevent serious dental infection, dental abscess, and even life threatening sepsis, cellutis, bacterial endocarditis, heart attack, stroke, and even death.” Dr. Curatola even says that there is a history of people who “have died from complications from untreated dental infections.”

An untreated tooth abscess can lead to extraction — If the cause of the abscess is a cavity, the infection will continue to grow which will destroy the teeth causing your dentist to extract the tooth completely. This could lead to even more complicated procedures including a new, artificial tooth.

If you think you are suffering from any symptoms of a root abscess and are in need of a root canal, contact us today!

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