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Differences Between Human and Primate Teeth

Many debates exist on on how similar humans really are to primates. One area we are definitely similar to our animal cousins is in our teeth and jaws. We are strikingly similar when it comes to human and ape teeth and jaws. Both of us have 32 teeth that include … Read More

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Blind Man’s Site is Restored From his Teeth!

In a truly miraculous situation, Ian Tibbits, a 43-year-old father, was able to see again after sixteen years from having his vision restored from his teeth!  The father of two used to differentiate his two sons apart by their voices and movements, but he can now see them due to … Read More

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Couple Finds Tooth of Megalodon

Nothing says romance quite like searching for giant shark teeth! A Texas couple on vacation in Florida got quite the surprise when they realized they had found a near-perfect looking tooth which had belonged to a prehistoric shark.  This wasn’t just any old fish in the water though; the large … Read More

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