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Dental Myths

There are plenty of things we don’t understand about our own teeth, so let’s take a moment to dismiss some of the most common dental myths. Personal hygiene doesn’t have to be so ambiguous!MWP0046166

If you notice spots of blood when you brush or floss, you might think you should tread lightly or avoid certain areas of the mouth altogether. Contrary to our natural instinct, this bleeding is actually a good thing – think of it as your mouth’s way of telling you an area actually requires more attention. Bleeding of the gums suggests irritation and potentially indicates underlying gum disease development. Brushing and flossing leads to happy gums.

With Halloween just passing, more than a few of us will be consuming crazy amounts of sugary sweets. Is all this sugar detrimental to our teeth? Not quite! Recent studies indicates it’s prolonged exposure to sugar that promotes decay rather than the amount of sugary foods we eat. That’s good news for candy lovers everywhere – choose a designated time of day to snack over frequent trips to the cookie jar.

How often do you receive radiographs from your dental technician? These important readings are carried out to determine if patients are suffering from periodontal disease. You might have heard from others that such radiographs are unnecessary on an annual basis, but that depends. The American Dental Association alongside the FDA recommend radiographs every 12 – 36 months. Patients with existing periodontal disease or symptoms may need readings more often.

Do you have any questions about your oral hygiene? Ultimately your dentist knows best! Be sure to schedule an appointment today in order to get the right information.

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