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Veneers Vs Caps

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between veneers vs caps? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. One of the more frequently misunderstood dental solutions, veneers and caps are easily interchangeable for anyone their first treatment for either dental solution.veneers or caps -- which is better?

Let’s clear the air, shall we? In order to simplify matters, think of it like this: veneers cover the front of the tooth, while caps fit over the entire surface.  Of course, their functionality is where the real differences lie.

Veneers are largely considered a cosmetic treatment for the affected tooth. If you’re interested in improving the aesthetics of your smile – everyone wants whiter teeth, after all – this might be a great option for you to explore with your dentist.

While caps clearly offer a cosmetic advantage over a broken tooth, their main purpose is to remedy other serious dental concerns such as unusually meddlesome cavities and ghastly fractures. In short, they’ll bring your smile back to speed even under extreme conditions.

Have no fear – both veneers and caps arrive with a comfortable lifespan. Designed to last, both of these treatments utilize sturdy materials such as porcelain. It’s generally agreed upon that caps ultimately will last longer as they’re designed to replace the overall tooth, metal or ceramic typically included in their production. You also might notice some mild sensitivity to your new cap shortly following the procedure.

If you’re looking for a serious dental solution or simple a cosmetic advantage, make sure to speak with your dentist about veneers and caps as soon as possible!

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