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3 Unhealthy Dental Habits (And How to Fix Them)

We’ve all got some bad habits but not all of them affect our oral health. Pull up a seat – it’s time we had ourselves a much needed dental intervention.

You routinely practice good dental care: from brushing your teeth, flossing (fairly) regularly and making sure you visit the dentist no less than twice a year – that’s stupendous. Yet one or more of the following bad habits can wreak havoc on that awesome smile of yours. We’re here to help!

The problem: Chewing ice3 Unhealthy Dental Habits (And How to Fix Them)

So you’ve got a thing for ice-cold beverages and routinely chomp down on the remaining ice – would you be less inclined to indulge if you knew this could actually fracture your teeth?

The combination of cold and brittle ice can physically destroy your teeth. This causes microscopic cracks in the enamel, which could lead to more expensive dental procedures.

The solution: Put a lid on it

Resist the temptation to chew your ice by covering ice-cold beverages with a top. Force yourself to stop the habit and it will be easier over time.

The problem: Using teeth as tools

No, your teeth were not designed to function like a Swiss army knife – grab a pair of scissors to cut off those clothing tags!

Fracturing is a major concern here, too. While we commonly open bags of chips or uncap a bottle with teeth, this can damage sensitive edges and seriously damage the tooth.

The solution: Think before you act

If you don’t own a pair of scissors or a bottle opener, head over to your local store! Think before biting – is it really worth damaging my smile?

The problem: Grinding teeth

Do you grind your teeth a lot? You may grind your teeth and not even know it. The condition known as bruxism is characterized by chronic grinding teeth, and can really junk your smile.

The solution: Custom night guard

Many of our valued patients with bruxism can resolve the issue entirely by utilizing a custom mouth guard, comfortable enough for every night use. Ask us about it!

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