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An Overview of Sedation Dentistry

Is sedation dentistry right for you? It helps to understand its practical use within the dental world first. Whether you have a more invasive procedure scheduled or you’re experiencing infrequent dental anxiety, we offer solutions to make every trip to our office a comfortable one. Here’s how sedation dentistry helps in that process.

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Sedations dentistry is the use of medications to help patients reach a better comfort level and relax during their dental procedures. While it’s been called ‘sleep dentistry’ in the past, this doesn’t account for the varying forms available to consumers. Not all sedative dentistry requires putting the patient under. In fact, the majority of patients are often awake under the regular usage of sedation dentistry.

The varying forms of sedation dentistry include minimal sedation, where you’re awake and relaxed, moderate sedation, where you seldom remember much of the procedure but are awake, deep sedation, sedation where you’re barely conscious but can be awakened, and general anesthesia, sedation where the patient is completely unconscious.

Sedatives are applied either through inhalation, taken orally, or provided through an IV. As you might imagine, this actually functions as a scale in terms of sedative strength – less powerful forms will be administered using nitrous oxide while stronger forms will be applied intravenously.

Are you apprehensive about seeking sedative dentistry options? It’s important to remember that sedation dentistry is a specialized skill in the dental world – it requires a lot of essential training before you can administer sedatives in a professional setting.

If anxiety is holding you back from undergoing dental procedures, you may want to consider sedation dentistry closely. Even mild forms can make a tremendous difference in overcoming your fears. Consult with your doctor and understand if you’re a candidate for sedative dentistry.

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