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5 Things More Tedious Than Flossing

Have you ever finished brushing your teeth and thought, “Oh, I’ll just floss tomorrow night”? Perhaps the logic was that you could skip a night … or two … which eventually becomes a habit. It’s not long before a simple case of neglect is reinforced into a bad habit. Red red mailbox with mails

Is flossing really that much of a burden? The next time you’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror, mulling over a decision to floss, consider these everyday things far more tedious than flossing!

Driving to Work

How long is your commute? If you often find yourself sitting in traffic, it can be a real drag sitting among that parking lot of cars along the I-10 – and yet you still do it because you have to. Hmm … that certainly shares a direct line with flossing!

Paying the Bills

Think flossing is tedious? It’s nowhere near as unpleasant as poring over a stack of bills on the dining room table, accounting for your finances. Flossing would be like a day at summer camp compared to this!

Yard Work

Breaking a sweat outside as you clean the yard can feel very satisfying for a select few, but the rest of us can think of any number of things we’d rather be doing on those coveted weekends – flossing is easily one of them.

Getting an Oil Change

You pull in for an oil change and the mechanic tries to upsell you on new window wiper blades and all new tires. Yikes. Considering you can floss for only a few cents per session, that seems like a real steal.

Taking out the Garbage

There are few things more tedious than taking care of the garbage at home, a necessary evil of living on your own.

So is flossing really all that bad? Not when you put it in terms like this!

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