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Wonderful Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for plenty of reasons, but chief among them is a perfect excuse to craft. Attention, all you Pinterest fanatics: we’ve rounded up some of our favorite holiday creations and put them in one list to share with the world. Are you ready?christmas dog

Footprint Snowmen

Now this is an adorable idea for the younger kids in the house. All you need is a little bit of colored cloth, a square of neutral fabric, a bit of paint and an area you don’t mind getting a little messy (see: outside).

Have your child step into some wet white paint and then stand on top of the square of fabric. Have them stand in place for a moment and then step off, making sure to hold down the fabric in place. After you allow the paint to dry, use the footsteps as makeshift snowmen!

Decorate however you see fit, making sure to provide them with a rustic scarf. It’s cold being a snowman, after all.

Pinecone Reindeer

Another cute and simple idea kids are sure to love, the pinecone reindeer makes for a terrific holiday ornament. Grab yourself a well-intact pinecone and grab the crafting supplies. You’ll need to glue a red cloth ball to the tip of the pinecone for the nose (Rudolph!), and then glue some eyes to the upper portion.

Craft some fun ears from construction paper and glue accordingly. Finish up with some paper clips for the antlers and attach a bit of string to properly hang from the back. Now you’re all set to celebrate the holidays alongside that super helpful reindeer we all love so much!

Other Crafts You’ll Love …

Looking for even more Pinterest crafts? Visit one of our favorite holiday boards for more great ideas!

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