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What to Expect From Your Dental Implants Procedure

dental implants, arizona dentistDental implants have proven to be a reliable solution for anyone seeking a healthy mouth of pearly whites. This common dental procedure corrects decayed or missing teeth that develop through corroding oral hygiene, blunt injury or related disease. Your smile could majorly benefit from dental implants, understanding this simple dental procedure can help you prepare.

The procedure for dental implants is best defined as a surgery. It’s an outpatient procedure that occurs over highly varied spans of time – some cases occurring up to a year – relative to one’s oral health. The initial consultation with your doctor will establish a personal timeline for your dental implants procedure.

The first step of the dental implants procedure requires the removal of your damaged tooth. Barring the complete absence of a tooth, this step is necessary in the vast majority of procedures. Jawbone surgery may follow this initial extraction. Some cases of jawbone surgery involve bone grafting – a method of transplanting a piece of bone to the area in need of bone growth – to ensure the dental implant will keep. The jawbone will require some time to heal.

Your dentist will next fasten a dental implant metal post into the bone when your jaw is ready. An incision is made to the surrounding gum tissue. When the underlying bone is exposed in the desired area, the surgeon then drills a hole to secure the metal post. Finally, an additional component is screwed into the implant and will remain throughout the healing process. While this may sound like an uncomfortable part of the dental procedure, rest assure, your doctor will provide the necessary local anesthesia or IV sedation – generally, you won’t feel a thing!

The next phase occurs during re-exposure of the dental implant, provided any other component over the gums. A small extension is secure to create an impression for your new artificial tooth. This impression will be sent to a lab to measure out the perfect fit for your mouth. The last step in this relatively lengthy dental procedure is securing the implant. The difference is quite dramatic!

Are you considering dental implants? Similar to other more invasive dental procedures, you can expect some minor discomfort in the form of swelling within the gums, pain at the site of the implant, slight bleeding when brushing and minor bruising of the gums. Healing can occur rapidly.

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