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Do You Need Implants?

Do you need dental implants? There are a few things you should know before scheduling a consultation with your doctor. Dental implants have proven to be a reliable replacement for thousands each year, offering a solution for those bearing the consequences of oral decay or physical damage. Know the basics concerning dental implants to determine if it’s the best solution for you and your family.

Dental implants are generally a superior alternative to bridges or dentures. While all of these dental methods are implemented for the purpose of replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer a few different advantages. A bridge actually requires the bonding of two adjoining teeth – a development that exposes them to increased risk of decay. Dentures have a long history of fitting issues and occasionally interfere with one’s ability to taste. Implants utilize a titanium screw through the jawbone to attach a prosthetic tooth that boasts increased permanency.

Dental implants certainly have their share of advantages, but what about potential downsides? The problem concerning dental implants for mainly primarily relates to cost. Insurance is seldom able to cover the full cost of dental implants. A single replacement tooth can range upwards to $4500 – a financial impossibility for many.

With the massive price tag associated with dental implants, some people look to cut corners. All individuals should understand certain implants are potentially inferior to others. As newer and cheaper alternatives to higher-priced dental implants are increasingly available, the quality or longevity of the prosthetic can certainly be compromised. Take the time to discuss with your dental practitioner what materials are used throughout their implant procedures.

Don’t let the hefty price tag commonly associated with dental implants prevent you from receiving the treatment you deserve – discounts are available for those savvy enough to investigate, offering as much as 25% off dental procedures.

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