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The Most Creative Toothbrushes We’ve Ever Seen

Who says brushing your teeth can’t be fun? We’ve put together a list of some of the coolest, craziest, and most creative toothbrushes we’ve ever seen. Take a look and let us know what you think!

DEWS Upstanding Toothbrush

Dews toothbrush

Do you always feel a little grossed out when you have to place your toothbrush on the edge of the sink or balanced up against a tube of toothpaste? Well the folks at DEWS have done away with those concerns by creating an upstanding toothbrush that “makes use of a weight at the end of its rounded handle to create a centre of gravity at the handle base.” The toothbrush literally uses its own weight to keep it balanced and always standing upright!

Brush & Rinse Toothbrush

Say goodbye to your dusty old cup or even your hands when it comes to getting water into your mouth after you brush — The Brush & Rinse toothbrush directs water directly from the faucet to your lips for an easy rinsing experience. Great for traveling, camping, and any other cramped scenario, the Brush & Rinse from Amron Experimental is an ideal way to finish brushing.



Another perfect toothbrush for all those nomads out there, the TWIST&BRUSH is a “toothbrush that incorporates a toothpaste deposit” that allows users to bring along the exact amount of toothpaste they’ll need when traveling. All you need to do is twist the handle, and toothpaste is automatically applied to the bristles of the brush.

The Hooking Toothbrush


Are you one of the many Americans who enjoys brushing your teeth in the shower? Well the good people at goodjoy have created a toothbrush that hangs directly on your shower head, keeping your brush safe, clean, and away from any unwanted germs. “Our hooking toothbrush is a brilliant solution to the toothbrush storage problem,” says goodjoy.

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