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How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

There are many ways to keep your cat’s teeth clean, which helps protect them from diseases or costly sedated cleanings.  While cats aren’t always the most receptive to people prodding at their mouths, establishing a routine can help them get used to it, so a new healthy habit can form.

Be sure to check your kitty’s teeth often for discolored gums, abscesses, or any plaque buildup that you can see. Many of the same rules towards oral health apply to humans and pets alike, if something seems off, there might be something wrong. Normally, a cat’s breath smells pretty fishy, but if it starts getting bad, you may want to get them checked for gum disease or tooth decay.Roaring kitten

Regular checkups can help treat and prevent illnesses, make sure to mention your cat’s teeth when you are at the veterinarian and address any problems.  Again, it’s a smart practice to regularly clean your cat’s teeth at home, which can prevent illness. Using a finger cot or gauze and special cat toothpaste will make it easier for you and tastier for your cat during teeth cleanings. Kitty toothpaste comes in flavors they will enjoy while also being safe for ingestion, make sure not to use human toothpaste, it can make them sick!

Stimulating gums is another way to keep your cat’s mouth healthy; it helps them heal and prevents future gum problems. Massaging the gums after you clean his or her teeth is another good practice to get into; you can try rubbing them after dipping your finger in tuna water to make it easier. After cleanings, give your cat a tartar control treat or bone to chew on. Yes, a bone! Cats are predators, and bones can help eliminate tartar, as long as they are not pork, chicken, or fish bones. Pets are members of the family, make sure to give them the long, healthy life they deserve.

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