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Advances in internet and smartphone technology has changed the way we do pretty much everything these days. There’s a common adage now that the phone in your pocket is more powerful than the computers aboard Apollo 11, the space capsule that first took humans to the moon. Now, you can even make a dental appointment with just a few clicks on your handy pocket computer. All you have to do is go to, and fill out a little bit of information.

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DC Dental has eleven full-service dentist offices throughout the greater Phoenix area, making your visit convenient wherever you are in the Valley. When you fill out the information, you can choose which office you’d like to visit from the drop-down menu, so you can pick one that’s close to home or to your office. Once you’ve filled out the required information, you will receive a call from DC Dental within one business day. If you have a dental emergency that needs to be addressed immediately, you can call our offices directly for same day service.

DC Dental has been bringing quality dental service to Arizona since 2001. Our motto has always been to provide “Quality Dentistry, Lowest Prices.” While we stick to our core values, we are also constantly striving to improve and integrate modern dentistry into our practices and into our relations with our patients.

It’s now more convenient than ever before to make an appointment with your DC Dental office. If it’s time for your regular checkup, request an appointment, and we’ll get back to you within one business day. If you’re having a dental emergency, you can call us directly at the location closest to you. For a list of our locations throughout the Valley, visit the locations page.

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