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Keeping Your Mouth Healthy on a Busy Schedule

These days, it seems as though every day is busier than the last. Whether you have kids to drop off and pick up from school or even just a job that keeps you after hours, the sands of time always seems to slip between your fingers. So how are you supposed to keep up on your oral health? We’ve got some easy ways to help you with keeping your teeth clean on a busy schedule!keeping up oral health with a busy schedule

Snack healthily

When you’re on the go, one of the best ways to keep your teeth and body healthy is by eating healthy foods. Snacks like apples, nuts, and cheese will help your teeth healthy and strong. Avoid foods with loads of sugar like candy and soda.

Wake up earlier

As easy as it may be to roll over and hit the snooze button in the morning, try your hardest to wake up a mere 10 minutes earlier every morning in order to properly brush, floss, and rinse. Even an extra 10 minutes every morning to take care of your teeth will help in the long run.

Invest in disposable oral care

Since everyone seems to have a busy schedule these days, oral care companies have developed ways for people to keep their teeth healthy on the go. Products like Colgate’s Wisp are easy to carry, disposable, and affordable. You can brush your teeth in the car, at your desk, or on a walk!

Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum between meals helps your teeth stay strong by eliminating acids that are released by the bacteria in plaque. By chewing gum, you are also creating ten times the amount of saliva flow in your mouth which also helps to naturally rinse your teeth after eating a meal or snack.

If you have any questions about ways you can keep your teeth clean on a busy schedule, contact us today!

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