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How Safe is Fluoride?

How safe is fluoride? Although many cities and areas choose to fluoridate their water, some claim it has negatively impacted their livelihood. Let’s address some of those claims.

One popular claim is that fluoride is a toxic chemical that has no place within our drinking water. In reality, fluoride occurs naturally throughout the majority of fresh water within the United States. Around 1931, Frederick S. McKay discovered the fluoride present within fresh water actually helped prevent decay. What makes a certain chemical toxic is the dosage, fluoride is administered in a low dose of 1 part per million – far below levels considered toxic.

Another controversial claim is that fluoride can damage essential organs of the body including the kidneys. There’s no shortage of studies on the subject, more than 50 international studies occurring since 1945. None of these studies have been able to create a link between fluoride and other diseases such as cancer.

Yet another claim insists fluoride acts as a pollutant to the environment when used throughout everyday plumbing. In a study conducted in accordance with the Washington’s State Environmental Protection Act, no harm to the environment was discovered. The EPA stated, “There exists no directly applicable scientific documentation of adverse medical effects of fluoride below 8 mg/liter.”

Finally, one more controversial denouncement of fluoride maintains its presence in drinking water does not decrease the rate of tooth decay. Numerous studies have shown a positive relationship between preventing decay and fluoride. The fluoridation of public water was even hailed as one of the “Ten Great Public Health Achievements of the 20th century.”

Are you still curious about the relationship of fluoride in the body? Your dental expert can answer many other questions you might have!

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