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Foods to Avoid on your First Date (or any date!)

Obviously, you want to make a great impression on your first date, and the best case scenario is that the evening was exciting and romantic for both of you. How disheartening would it be, then, that the moment you go for the first kiss, your breath ruins everything? To make sure that problem’s nipped in the bud, make sure to keep away from these foods (at least until you get home).


Although many classic casual first dates involve meeting at a cafe and chatting, coffee can make your breath a bit offensive, thereby making your date a bit standoffish. the acidity and natural enzymes in the coffee combine with your saliva, and It neutralizes the acid in your stomach, causing it to send gastric juices up to your mouth. That’s bad. While this may still be a standard move, go for a green tea instead.

Although it’s a very common ingredient in most Italian dishes, and great for your immune system, garlic is the number one purveyor of unkissable breath. Not only does the smell stay in your mouth, but as your body digests it, the components are released into your bloodstream, which is transferred to your lungs, doubling the effect of your repellant breath.


The close relative to garlic is the onion, which contains allin, an amino acid that turns to sulfenic acid when cut. This is believed to be the cause of the eye-watering effect. It also adds to your breath’s kiss-repellant effect.

Bacteria thrive in an acidic environment, and bacteria are part of the reason why your breath gets a little rough sometimes. What really makes it tough to deal with, though, is eating foods that have a lot of sugar, that dry out the mouth (like alcohol) or that just smell to begin with. To make sure your breath doesn’t ruin a great date, keep some sugar-free gum handy, drink lots of water, and make sure to keep up the flossing!

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