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Finding the Best Dentist for Your Child Made Easy

Finding the best dentist for your child is no easy task, but it certainly helps to know what qualities you should look for. Choosing the right dentist for your child sets them on pace for a lifetime of great oral health and protects their smile well into the future. Here’s how to get started.

What are people saying about the dentist you’re researching? Referrals go a long way. Word of mouth advertising is real and gives you a sense of how reputable the dentist office appears to be. If you don’t receive a referral from family or friends, try searching local websites and magazines.

Be sure to inquire about the dentist’s training. A pediatric dentist is required to undergo two additional years of residency for infants, kids, teens and children with special needs. This important background information is typically available through an office’s website or by calling the office directly.

What services does the dentist provide? Standard services include oral exams and risk assessment, knowledge of treating bad dental habits, tooth repair, preventative care including dental sealants, assessment of tooth development, treatment options for gingivitis and care for dental injuries.

Ideally, your child will see their dentist from infancy to adolescence. That amount of time allows your child to build a trustworthy relationship with their specialist. What truly makes the best dentist is the level of care they provide during this important time of your child’s development.

Before finally selecting your dentist, visit the office. The dental office should provide a kid-friendly atmosphere. Have the staff give you a brief tour if possible, making sure to check that instruments are appropriate for your child’s mouth. See how doctors react to anxious children if the opportunity allows. You’ll ultimately want the environment to be clean and positive before booking your appointment.

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