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Easy Toothbrush Tips for Your Kids

toothbrush tips for kids Parenting undoubtedly presents its own share of challenges but occasionally one of the more daunting tasks entails persuading your children to brush. Some parents have such a difficult time instilling the importance of brushing to their children that they’re hardly above groveling upon their hands & knees. Don’t count yourself among them! There is hope after all.

Teaching your kids to follow recommended brushing habits might seem impossible as a first time parent. There’s a few toothbrush tips you can try with your kids to make the task a bit more enticing. What’s the secret? Some experts suggest finding a unique way to engage your child and make the process seem fun.

The most obvious place to start is by purchasing a cheaper electronic toothbrush. You won’t need to purchase an expensive version, a simple electronic toothbrush will suffice here. A standard electronic toothbrush still provides enough buttons for your child to make the tedious brushing process feel more engaging. Positive reinforcement works better than cavity horror stories – it’s just another toy for many children.

Encourage your child to choose a favorite tune to hum with every brush. Humming a tune can be a lot of fun, removing some of the tedium of brushing. While it’s important to have your child brush his/her teeth, it’s important to teach them the proper amount of time to brush. Humming a tune can certainly help on that front. Pick a simple tune or advise your little Mozart to create their own tooth brushing tune.

Is your child less inclined to hum? Don’t sweat it. Utilizing a timer in your child’s bathroom can achieve similar effects. You can even purchase select timers specifically geared toward younger children that make the process more fun.

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