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Classic Kid’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here again! It’s a favorite holiday among young and old alike, thanks to all the fun events that every member of the family can enjoy, and here in Phoenix and most of Arizona, the weather is perfect for venturing out in costume for a night of trick-or-treating. If your child still hasn’t decided what to be for Halloween this year, we’re giving you a list of some of the classics, which can prompt your child’s imagination.

VampireFangsThe Vampire

One of the classic scary figures in folklore, this has long been a favorite among adults and children. While this vampire may not be out for blood, he’ll probably show his fangs for some candy.witch costume

The Witch

Some versions of this classic come complete with a broomstick and a long, crooked nose.

The Superhero

Kids in Batman and Robin costumes The superhero costume, regardless of which one is in fashion this year, always makes a great costume.

While virtually any costume is available in department stores and costume shops, creativity always scores points when it comes to Halloween. The best ones are often the ones made at home. Regardless of what your child wants to be this year, be sure to stay safe when out and about during the night. While your child’s costume is supposed to be as scary as possible, make sure they’re visible enough to be seen by drivers.

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