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Best Holiday Gifts on a Budget

Gifts can be tough to pick out and even tougher when you are on a tight budget. DC Dental wants to help with this by suggesting some great gifts for this holiday season that are sure to mind your budget.

Telephoto Lens
telephoto lensThis $20 attachable telephoto lens turns your camera on your phone into a quality camera. You simply place it over the camera of your phone and take pictures as you normally would. The camera zooms your camera 2x closer to your subject, while maintaining a higher quality photo. The gift is perfect for any young or budding photographers who don’t have the budget for a professional camera.

Grid-It Organizing System
grid it organizerThe Grid-It Organizing System is simple in design, but elaborate in benefits. Specializing in the organization in device supplies, this system allows the user to organize various supplies into one easy mat for only $25. The mat can then be stored anywhere: cars, desks, rooms, shelves, and more. This gift is perfect for anyone really, but especially that one friend who seems to lose their charger or headphones too frequently.

cookbookCookbooks are always a fantastic fallback option when thinking about what to get somebody. To save even more money, used book shops will get you an extra discount on this gift. Even if someone is a fantastic cook already, there’s always a skill or two to be picked up from a great cookbook. We recommend sticking with a general, classic cookbook, especially if you aren’t very close with the receiver of the gift.

candle collectionLike cookbooks, candles are always a reliable gift option. Everyone loves great smells and making their living space smell like their favorite scents. When buying candles, you can spend a lot, say $50, or you can spend closer to $6. It depends on the size, quality, and purchase place of the candle. We recommend gifting candles that have scents most enjoy; seasonal, sweet, or floral are usually popular among audiences.

Anywhere Travel Guide
anywhere travel guideThis amazing card guide is perfect for any traveler in the family or friend circle. The idea is simple: cards with fun suggestions for things to do while traveling. For example, one card instructs to ask a stranger what their favorite street is, and then venture to that location. It is a fantastic way to explore foreign cities, get to know the locals, and find things to do when the itinerary runs dry. The best part is these cards are less than $13!

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