2015 Dental Insurance — Use it or Lose it!

DC Dental would like to offer you a friendly reminder to use your dental insurance before it is lost at the end of the year.

Come December 31, your dental insurance policy will be lost. Dental insurance policies give you a certain dollar amount of coverage for you to use every year. Since December 31 marks the end of the plan year, your unused benefits (dollar amount) need to be used by this date, or you will lose them. They do not carry over for the next year.

DC Dental wants to make sure you not only get the best care possible, but we want to help you maximize your dental insurance also. If you have been putting off a treatment, have a spare cleaning, or need anything else done this year and have not used all of your dental insurance allowance, you should do so before time runs out. Be sure to make your appointment soon! Appointment spots fill up quickly this time of year because everyone else is trying to get the last of their dental insurance used as well.

DC Dental wants to help you maximize your dental insurance policy and get all the benefits you have already paid for. Use these benefits before they go away on December 31st!