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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Losing teeth can be a complicated and painful ordeal.  Fortunately, with the innovations of modern technology, it has become easier and less painful than ever to fix your smile.  Dental implants are becoming the new standard in replacing teeth because they last a lifetime, without the maintenance and awkwardness of dentures. The benefits of dental implants are immense.

The process relies on a small piece of titanium which is placed into the missing tooth’s socket. As the jaw heals, it will start to engulf the metal, securing it to the bone.  The doctor will then place a crown, or fake tooth, onto the metal. The new tooth will be made from an impression, colored to fit in with the rest of your teeth so it will look and feel natural.

Local anesthesia is involved during the process, so the pain during this operation is minimal. The patient may be given aspirin or Tylenol for a few days after the procedure, unless there was a special circumstance.  It will take several months for the tooth to heal and completely fuse to the bone, but pain should not be an issue.  After the healing, the oral surgeon will then place the crown on the titanium post which will serve as your new tooth.

The dental implant should last just as long as any of your natural teeth, unlike bridges or dentures, which need to be replaced and put stress on your gums and jaw. Dentures can also be a nightmare when it comes to chewing foods, because they have the tendency to slide around; even making the simplest things, like talking, difficult.

If you are considering a dental implant, visit your dentist for a check-up to make sure you are healthy enough for the procedure. This should not be an issue if you keep good oral hygiene, don’t smoke, and do not have any conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. If you are unsure if you are healthy enough for a dental implant, consult your dentist, as they can only make decisions on an individual basis.

Once you have your new dental implants, you won’t need to fuss about special cleaning or replacements, just take care of them the way that you would any of your other teeth! There is no need to be shy about smiling when you have a full set of teeth!

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