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3-D Technology Introduced at Texas Practice Will Reduce X-Ray Exposure

Midtown Dentistry in Houston Texas had recently purchased the Pax-i3D from Vatech, a leading provider of digital dental radiography products. The Pax is a new diagnostic x-ray machine that allows for efficient x-ray screening for patients and dental hygienists alike. The product uses multiple types of cameras and advanced visualization … Read More

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How to Use a Rotadent Toothbrush

What is the Rotadent? The Rotadent was designed to resemble the hand piece used by dental hygienists to clean and polish teeth. The original Rotadent was introduced to the market in 1985, and the most recent update, Rotadent Plus, was released in 2010. The product comes with multiple heads such … Read More

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Dentists Increase the Success Rate of Tooth Implants

Smokers, diabetics, the elderly,  osteoporosis sufferers, and people who have had cancer are sometimes not eligible for dental implants as their bones do not properly integrate the new prostheses which are replaced at the root. Researchers from the Univerisitat Jaume I in Castellon, Spain have created an implant coated with … Read More

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UCLA School of Dentistry Receives Funding From First 5 LA

The UCLA School of Dentistry received $11 million in funding from First 5 LA, a child advocacy and grant-organization based in the Los Angeles area. The funding is aimed at increasing the accessibility of dental care toward children and pregnant women. More specifically, the funding will allow for the creation … Read More

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Advancements in Laser Dentistry Technologies

Many people feel apprehensive when the time comes to make a routine visit to their dentist. There is perhaps no greater contributing factor to such negative feelings than the physical discomfort commonly associated with dental work. Dental technologies have advanced a long way, sparing patients a great deal of apprehension … Read More

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$9,000 Can Buy You a Toothbrush Used on the Moon

Heritage Auctions currently has one of their more interesting products up for sale right now: a toothbrush used on the moon by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 Lunar mission. That’s right, for the right price, you could own a used toothbrush which cleaned an astronaut’s teeth on the moon … Read More

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Manual or Electric Toothbrushes: Which is Better?

From pink to neon green–toothbrush choice is a very personal decision; when you stroll down the aisle at your local supermarket, you’re bound to be bombarded with all sorts of different kinds and colors. Nowadays brushes even vary from manual to electric; there’s something for everyone at any price point—but which one actually … Read More

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