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Root Canals, and How you Can Possibly Avoid Them!

Probably two of the most greatly feared words you can hear at the dentist are “root canal.” They’ve definitely earned a reputation for being a painful procedure, although most patients report afterwards that the procedure is no more uncomfortable than getting a filling. The unfair reputation this procedure has received often leads patients to feel more anxious before the dental visit. Even still, taking care of your teeth and gums before problems can develop is far better than having to go through a restorative dental procedure. Here are some tips from your Arizona DC Dental office on ways you can avoid ever needing a root canal.

Root canal treatment, which is also called endodontic therapy, is a treatment that restores abscessed teeth. Your Phoenix dentist uses this procedure to restore teeth that have been infected, usually as a result of deep cavities or trauma to the tooth that causes damage to the pulp of the tooth. What happens as a result is that the inner chamber and the nerve of the tooth become infected. The root canal treatment involves removing the infected nerve and cleaning and sealing the inner chamber of the tooth.

mouth careYou can avoid having to go through this procedure in much the same way that you can avoid other dental problems, that is, by having great oral hygiene habits, a tooth-friendly diet, and regular dental checkups. It’s very important to brush well twice a day and floss between the teeth at least once a day. It’s also important to use your teeth for chewing only. Many people often use their teeth as pliers for various household tasks. Your teeth are simply not designed to perform those functions, and this practice can cause trauma.

Tooth decay is so prevalent in adults and children throughout the U.S. that it’s considered an epidemic. If you have questions or concerns about the best ways to prevent tooth decay, talk to your dentist about fluoride treatments. If you’re due for a regular checkup, make an appointment today.

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