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Places to Volunteer in Arizona

Does your New Year’s Resolution include becoming more involved in the community?  Are you looking for new ways to volunteer your time and help a worthy cause?  Here’s a list of current volunteer positions around the valley:

volunteer opportunities in Phoenix

Esperanca is looking for individuals who have a passion for health and are interested in giving back to the community to improve the oral health of families in Phoenix.  The position involves educating children and adults on preventive oral health, free/low-cost dental clinics where they can find affordable dental work and community outreach to recruit more participants.  All training’s provided.  Being bilingual’s a plus but not required.  Check out the details at

Enjoy gardening?  The Growhouse, a volunteer driven community garden on the northwest corner of Garfield and 6th Street are seeking volunteers to help with preparing garden beds, planting, weeding, building garden structures, irrigation and watering, and well as various art projects.  What was once a vacant property downtown is a now thriving garden that sells veggies every week at the Community Exchange Table at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market.  It is also part of Roosevelt Row CDC’s A.R.T.S. (Adaptive Reuse of Temporary Space) Program.  More info can be found at

Do you have a future medical student in your home?  Students age 13 through College Seniors who want to learn more about the hospital environment can participate in this Summer volunteer opportunity at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  The program includes participation in an in-hospital volunteer program and their “A Look Inside” education sessions.  Enrollment is limited for this opportunity and the first step is to attend a Summer Volunteer Info Session.  Go to for more information.

Are you an animal lover?  Consider volunteering at the Phoenix Zoo.  The Zoo relies on over 300 active volunteers to support their mission of “providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.”  The Phoenix Zoo has volunteer positions in nearly a dozen departments and over one hundred roles, including education, fundraising, horticulture and assisting zookeepers.  Go to to learn more about positions available.

The Phoenix area is a thriving city with new opportunities and new challenges presenting themselves as we grow.  There are several ways that you can become a part of the community working together to take on those opportunities and meet those challenges.

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