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Keeping Kids Safe This Halloween

Halloween is certainly a fun event for kids but it presents its own unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping them safe. Constant interaction with strangers, staying out well after dark – we understand many parents can find themselves experiencing mini-anxiety attacks!

keeping your kids safe this halloween

Relax, we can help make your life a little easier this Halloween, especially all you first-time parents. Here are some useful tips for keeping kids safe when the Great Pumpkin arrives.

Supervise Festivities

It might seem like a no-brainer option for younger kids, but even young tweens can majorly benefit from a little adult supervision. There is no more surefire way to keep your kids safe than taking part in their trick-or-treating. You might even get a few pieces of candy along the way!

Be Visible … Very Visible

Visibility is essential as you comb through dark neighborhoods and cross otherwise busy streets. Buy a few wearable reflectors or improve with a little reflective tape – make absolutely sure any drivers on the road can visibly see you. Make sure to arm someone in the party with a flashlight as well. Only walk as a group when crossing streets.

Inspect Candy

The dangerous element about accepting candy from strangers is you never know who to trust. Make sure you filter out anything in your child’s final haul that looks suspicious. Don’t accept homemade or unwrapped goods from anyone you don’t know. Better safe than sorry!

Monitor Consumption

It’s hard to imagine how damaging that hefty bag of candy could potentially be to your child’s teeth, so it’s best to take an active role in how frequently they consume their loot. Remember: it’s better to eat candy in one sitting as opposed to throughout the day as the latter more frequently exposes your child’s teeth to damaging sugars. Make a pact to brush after consuming and let them have at it at a predetermined time.

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