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Do You Need a Pediatric Dentist?

Family Dentist vs Pediatric

Oh, that age old question … what’s the difference between your average family dentist and a pediatric? A bit of a loaded question, it’s not always clear what goes into a name. We’re here to clear some of the air and outline some of the key differences between pediatric dentists and general practices.

A pediatric dentist is much more than simply a dentist for children. Pediatrics undergo specialized training throughout their education geared toward the developing oral health of children. A great pediatric office is far more than qualified, however – they’re in tune with your child’s emotional and comfort needs throughout administering care.

Many pediatric doctors already have networks in place to provide additional levels of service to your child. They have connections to other providers used to working with children, reducing the time parents need to shop around for an orthodontist or otherwise.

It’s worth noting that not all general family dentists are created equally – many cannot provide the specialized care ideally used to treat children. It’s also worth noting that, of course, there’s the occasional exception to the usual standard; we here at DC Dental Group count ourselves among their ranks.

Is there any advantage to using a family dentist to treat your child? Certainly, but those advantages might not be immediately obvious to parents. A child who regularly sees a pediatric dentist will inevitably need to seek the services of a general dentist. Working with the same dentist as your child ages into a young adult ensures your regular doctor is the most acquainted with their oral health needs.

DC Dental is no stranger to treating children. Our talented and professional staff will ensure your child receives the same level of care you’d expect from specialized pediatrics. Is DC Dental right for your child? Schedule a consultation with us today and we’ll help you determine what’s best.

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