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Dental Lasers

Studies have shown that about 8% of all Americans avoid going to the dentist purely out of fear alone. Whether it’s the sound of the machinery or just the fear of pain, some patients have a difficult time making their way to the dentist. Now, however, dentists have found a new tool that will help ease hesitations some patients may have.

Dental lasers, a new advancement in dental technology, are sweeping the nation because of their efficiency, convenience, and its overall ability to put nervous patients at ease. Combining water, air, and laser energy, dental lasers can be used for most dental procedures like fillings, implant recovery, pulp extirpation, and even cutting or shaving bone.

Products like WaterLase help reduce the amount of swelling, pain, and make for a faster healing time: “High speed drills can cause hairline cracks and fractures in the teeth that eventually lead to future dental problems. WaterLase reduces damage to healthy portions of the tooth and minimizes trauma.”

Dentists all over the country are becoming more and more interested in the use of dental lasers and as of today over 25,000 lasers have been sold nationwide.

In a recent press release from BIOLASE®, the company behind dental lasers like WaterLase, chairman and CEO Federico Pignatelli stated:

“We are naturally very proud of this substantial milestone, one that it appears no other medical laser company has achieved in dentistry, or any other medical field, over the past 15 years.”

Best of all, the use of dental lasers does not cost any more than traditional dentistry. In fact, most dentists prefer dental lasers as they help speed up the procedures and help keep patients from bleeding during or after an operation.


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