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Coming Soon: Arizona State Fair!

The fall is finally here! One of the best ways we can celebrate being able enjoy outside activities for hours at a time here in Arizona is to go to the Arizona State Fair! The opening day for the fair is October 16th this year, and the fair is open every Wednesday through Sunday until November 8th. Here’s some more info on this fun family event.

The tradition of the state fair here in Arizona is actually older than the state of Arizona. The first territorial fair occurred in November of 1884, when a group of citizens organized an event to exhibit their livestock and agricultural accomplishments. The first fairs included horse and pony races and were held near the Salt River, just West of Central Avenue. The fair stayed there until the (then raging) Salt River flooded and destroyed the buildings and racetrack. The fair has been held every year since then, with the exceptions of 1921 (due to cotton crop failure), 1934-1939 (during the Great Depression) and 1943 to 1945 (during World War II).
arizona state fairToday’s state fair is far different than what it once was. Complete with daring rides and concerts inside the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, the Arizona State Fair combines the traditions of an agricultural state with the attractions of a modern amusement park, giving entertainment for everyone. While you’re there, grab some classic State Fair fare. All vendors now accept debit and credit cards, and while the food may not be the healthiest, who can say no to the amazing smells from the food court?

You can find a full calendar, which includes the attractions and concerts in the Coliseum, by visiting the fair’s website here. The fair always brings a big crowd of people, so be sure you plan ahead.

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