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10 Signs You’re From AZ

Have you ever wondered how to pick out an Arizona resident from a busy crowd? Here’s a fun and quick list of quick giveaways you’ve encountered someone from the valley of the sun,

  • They describe the summer weather as a ‘dry’ heat.
  • When people refer to Daylight Saving Time, they look absolutely perplexed.
  • They’re in love with the sunset and have dozens of photos to prove it on their phone.
  • They vaguely smell of sun tan oil, chlorine and their ears squeak with pool water.
  • They have curious looking tan lines, as if they’re still wearing sandals even while barefoot.
  • They consider bathing suits perfectly acceptable attire during most parts of the year.
  • They swear they’re turning into an ice cube when the weather dips below 60 degrees.
  • They happen to be a javelina, coyote or rattlesnake. Or heck, even a saguaro cactus!
  • When pressed for a great location to hike, they talk your ear off by listing dozens of different destinations just a quick drive away.
  • They constantly rave about their AZ family dentist, DC Dental!

That’s right – DC Dental is one more component that makes living in valley of the sun so wonderful! Is it time for your regularly scheduled cleaning or dental checkup? Call our offices today and schedule an appointment!

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