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Tooth Fairy in Different Countries

The tooth fairy is the most common way to celebrate the loss of a baby tooth in the United States. It’s a rite of passage for many Americans to lose their first tooth, place it under their pillow and wait for the magical tooth fairy to come and compensate your … Read More

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The Importance of Brushing Your Tongue

Taking care of your mouth is an important aspect of personal hygiene. Everyone knows that brushing and flossing every day is a great way to keep your teeth healthy and strong, but what about your tongue? Because it is made up of many bumps and ridges, bacteria and food debris … Read More

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When Should Teens Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A common misconception is that there is a particular age when a person should have their wisdom teeth removed. The truth is that there is no “perfect age” to undergo a wisdom teeth extraction; some people don’t even need to have their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth do not need … Read More

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A Glass of Milk After Eating Sugary Food Might Prevent Cavities

Following a meal of sugary breakfast cereal with a glass of milk reduces plaque acid levels and may prevent damage to tooth enamel that leads to cavities, according to new research released by the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. Cereals like Frosted Flakes, Captain Crunch and Fruit … Read More

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Everyday Dental Techniques

Brushing your teeth: it seems like a no –brainer, right?  Like many daily routines, you may find yourself standing in front of the mirror each morning and night brushing your teeth with little to no regard for your method of brushing. Forcefully scrubbing your teeth won’t make them any cleaner, … Read More

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$9,000 Can Buy You a Toothbrush Used on the Moon

Heritage Auctions currently has one of their more interesting products up for sale right now: a toothbrush used on the moon by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 Lunar mission. That’s right, for the right price, you could own a used toothbrush which cleaned an astronaut’s teeth on the moon … Read More

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Folic Acid Important for Dental Health

Folic Acid, the synthetic version of the vitamin B9, is incredibly important when it comes to cell growth, cell repair, and disease prevention in oral care. Folic acid is water soluble vitamin and is not stored in the body for a long time and should be taken daily to maintain … Read More

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Healthy Foods for your Teeth and Gums

Common knowledge tells us that eating healthy makes our bodies feel and look better, even our teeth! Taking care of your oral hygiene is crucial to taking care of our bodies, and not just brushing and flossing! There are many healthy foods for your teeth and gums, as well as … Read More

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