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Coming Soon: Arizona State Fair!

The fall is finally here! One of the best ways we can celebrate being able enjoy outside activities for hours at a time here in Arizona is to go to the Arizona State Fair! The opening day for the fair is October 16th this year, and the fair is open … Read More

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Best Teeth: Saturday Morning Cartoons

It was once an American tradition to get up early and watch Saturday morning cartoons. Even though it was difficult to get out of bed in time for school, it was really easy to get up early to catch cartoons. The tradition is over now that there are no more … Read More

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Did You Know: DC Dental has Insurance/Payment Options

Regular checkups are important, and while many people believe that the cost of visiting the dentist is too high, the preventative steps you can take, such as having regular oral hygiene habits and coming in for checkups at least twice a year can save you thousands of dollars in the … Read More

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Best Places to Watch “the Game” (any game) in Maricopa County

If there’s one thing that the greater Phoenix area has plenty of, it’s sports fans. Luckily, there are also plenty of sports bars and pubs with accommodations for them. Regardless of where you are in Maricopa County, you can find a place that has your team’s game playing. Here’s a … Read More

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ADA Sealed Products You May Not Have Guessed

You may have seen the small square stamp on your tube of toothpaste or on the label of your favorite mouthwash. It’s the seal of approval from the American Dental Association, and it means that the product you’re about to buy has passed rigorous testing to ensure it’s safe and … Read More

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Best Teeth: Historical Figures

Once again, we’re bringing you memorable smiles among household names. This time, we’re looking at the best teeth among the biggest names throughout history, although many historical figures did not have the benefit of modern dentistry. Here’s a look at some of history’s brightest smiles. John F. Kennedy The 35th … Read More

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Arizona Cardinals Preseason Update

After hosting last year’s Super Bowl, the city of Phoenix is ready once again for another year of football. The 2015 NFL season is set to begin, and the Arizona Cardinals are ready to take the field for the regular season. This is the 96th season for the Cardinals, and … Read More

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Tooth Funnies: Comics Related to Teeth

Who say’s dentists don’t have a sense of humor? This week, we’re bringing you some of our favorite tooth-related cartoons from some of our favorite comic strips, and telling you a little bit about the history of the longest running comics in the Sunday paper. property of Family Circus, … Read More

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Beat the Heat: Mesa Golfland and SunSplash

Although we’re past the halfway point, we still have plenty of warm weather ahead of us here in Mesa. If you’re still looking for a way to beat the heat and keep the entire family entertained, Golfland/Sunsplash still has time left in the 2015 summer season. Here’s some more info … Read More

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Best Teeth: TV Land Edition

American television has changed a lot over the years, but some of the classics can still be caught on TV Land. The fashions of the day may go in and out of style, but a great smile never does. Here’s a look at some of the best teeth to grace … Read More

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